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Therapy services

Therapy services team

The St John of God Accord therapy services team is available to you through one point of contact and at one location, removing the need to coordinate between professionals and attend multiple venues.

Our allied health clinicians are also available to come to you if attend our consulting rooms is not practical.

You are able to access each service individually or or combined in a multi-disciplinary approach.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy helps you build your skills and confidence to enhance your ability to take part in everyday activities that interest you.

Our occupational therapists are put you at the centre of their care and consider your overall health and wellbeing.

Our occupational therapists can help you:

  • advance your skills so you can be more independent at home, during day services or at work
  • adjust to major life transitions such as increased independence, decreased mobility or ageing
  • be a part of the community and participate in group activities
  • access specialist equipment and provide guidance about home modifications

Positive behaviour support

Postive behaviour support (PBS) is an evidence-based approach to behaviour support focused on increasing your quality of life, and decreasing behaviours of concern.

Our PBS practitioners can assist you with:

  • PBS assessment, analysis, advice and training 
  • Practice coaching, including leadership and modelling of how to implement plans


Psychology can help you if you are experiencing mental health concerns which are affecting your emotional wellbeing. This can include depression and anxiety.

Our team of specialised psychologists provide you and your personal network with the knowledge, skills and supports required to experience positive change in your life, by providing:

  • assessment
  • counselling
  • therapy
  • interventions.

Speech pathology

Speech pathology can help you if you have trouble communicating verbally or through writing. This therapy is also helpful if you have difficulty swallowing, eating and drinking.

Our experienced speech pathologists have specialist expertise in assisting people with a disability.

They can specifically assist with:

  • learning and developing new communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal
  • using alternative communication techniques 
  • accessing specialist equipment and services 
  • advice and assistance around mealtime support 
  • gastrostomy advice and practices.

Music therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice which uses music as a therapeutic tool to promote and support health and wellbeing.
Our music therapists use music in a number of different ways to promote therapeutic change, and work with people of any age, gender, ability and skill level.

Music therapy can help you towards a number of goals, including:

  • improving communication skills
  • increasing opportunities
  • encouraging positive social engagement
  • promoting emotional expression
  • building meaningful relationships through music
  • improving quality of life.


Our Sexuality Practitioner offers sexuality and human relationship education for people with disabilities.

Our Sexuality Practitioner can assist with:

  • encouraging you to express your individuality through sexuality
  • sssessing sexual knowledge and understanding
  • delivering age-appropriate sexuality education to help you develop positive attitudes aboutyour sexuality and to help you
  • stay safe, reduce your risk of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and help prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Therapy assistant

Our therapy assistants work directly with you under the supervision of an allied health professional to help you achieve your goals.

Their support may include:

  • advancing your skills to be more independent across all settings
  • assisting you to be a part of the community and increase social engagement 
  • practicing and developing your communication skills
  • using alternative communication techniques 
  • establishing routines and strategies tailored to improve your overall development 
  • using aids and equipment to increase your independence.


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