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Greensborough Community Campus

What we offer

You will at the centre of everything we do, with support arrangements tailored to your individual requirements.

Our campus

At our Greensborough Community Campus we support individuals to reach their full potential. Our vibrant, purpose-designed facility at Greensborough offers a range of innovative studio-based activities on site, such as art, music, living skills and ceramics.

Our Welcome Lounge and garden space offers a hub for social interaction amongst clients and the opportunity to develop friendships and enhance wellbeing. We offer diverse, flexible group programs supported by a team of professional staff. We are able to assist on a one- to-one basis in the designing and delivering of tailored support arrangements of your choice.

Wellbeing and Life skills development

We support people to develop life-long skills in activities of daily living delivered in community- based settings or provided in one of our purpose built studio facilities. Within our life skills area we offer garden-to-recipe experiences that include on–site gardening, food preparation and cooking.

Our creative arts, craft and pottery programs, all in purpose built studios, provide clients with the opportunity to develop skills and achieve recognition for their talents and creative works.

Within our wellbeing area we offer assistance and support in personal care and grooming, meditation, sensory programs, physical exercise activities and movement to music. These fulfilling, calming and engaging programs increase a person’s sense of value and wellbeing.

Education and Learning

Both certificate based education and developmental training is provided to enhance skills and knowledge. Our developmental courses offer a media program that aims to promote a person’s communication, numeracy skills.

Education related to travel-training supports independence and safety in the community. We also provide planning and support with financial and transitional life arrangement, personal care and daily life skills development.

For information about Greensborough Community Campus under the NDIS please call 1300 002 226

Greensborough Community Campus, 108-130 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough VIC 3088