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Job Seekers -Employment Services

What we do

Accord Employment supports people on their journey to a career they enjoy.

Our personalised approach guarantees we understand and respect each person’s interests, skills, choices and life goals.

How we support you

If you are ready for paid work right away, we will look for jobs that match your abilities and preferences from the start.

If you want to take some time to plan your goals and develop your skills and confidence, we will support you along your journey to employment.

Preparing for work

To prepare for work, we will help you:

• Learn about employment and the types of work that are available

• Develop skills and confidence with training and work experience

• Try different jobs to explore your skills and preferences

• Plan a career that you will enjoy and find rewarding

• Create a professional resume and prepare for interviews

• Access any other support services you may need

Finding a job

When you are ready for paid work, we will help you:

• Find a job that matches your interests

• Get to work on time with travel training

• Learn your job properly with on-the-job training

• Stay safe and healthy at work

• Settle in at work and get to know your co-workers

• Get any specialised equipment modifications or interpreters you may need

• Learn new skills when you are ready

• Keep your job with our ongoing support.

How we find jobs

Accord Employment works with supportive employers to develop jobs that suit our job seekers. We check for safety concerns and make sure everyone is committed to achieving positive results.

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