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Yellow Mellow

Colour me yellow

Samantha Melli is well known for her love of art and ceramics at St John of God Accord. Living in Shared Supported Accommodation (SSA), Samantha attends several programs at our Greensborough Community Campus including engaging in community-based programs such as aerobics.

During this time Samantha’s parents approached Nicholas Pouki, Individualised Support Manager here at St John of God Accord to provide their daughter with individual support options to enable Samantha to embrace new goals with positive experiences.

We sat down with Samantha’s circle of support including her family and support staff, to identify goals both at home and out in the community.  

As Samantha established her goals, one goal in particular was to redecorate her bedroom. Her support staff along with Samantha put a plan in place to ensure her dreams be realised. The first project was to prioritise her large collection of over 1000 CDs! After careful consideration Samantha chose the CDs that were most important to her and relocated a large portion of the CDs to give her more space in her room.

Over a period of approximately 6-8 weeks, Samantha willingly went shopping and was supported through this experience. Samantha chose paint colours, some new shelving, new bed linen and accessories. This experience provided Samantha with a new confidence and sense of achievement.

Choosing a bright yellow for her feature wall she said: “this is a such happy colour”, Samantha then chose a more subtle butter colour for the remaining walls.  

The SSA support staff then painted her room where afterwards Samantha was supported to rearrange and redecorate, as she desired.

Samantha loves her new room, and takes pride in keeping her room clean and tidy.  

As part of her Individualised Support plan Samantha has also experienced a wider variety of activities, including visiting the Royal Melbourne Show, Christmas celebrations in Melbourne and Moomba.

Samantha’s parents continue to be very happy with their daughter’s achievements. Watching her lifestyle choices expand, her parents have requested an extension of Samantha’s individual support hours.

Mr Melli said: “since having one on one support, we have noticed Samantha is much happier and loves to tell us of her adventures.  The next goal for us is, we would like to send Samantha on a holiday”.

Samantha’s smile says it all.