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Hard work pays off

The ladies at Accord’s Shared Supported Living home in Crookston Rd enjoyed a week of pampering, getting their nails done, hair dos and a day of getting their makeup done to update their house photo taken over two years ago.

In the last two years, the clients have stuck to a healthy eating plan and exercise regime which has allowed them to lose weight and get healthier to enjoy life.

They eat as healthy as possible six days of the week and then Sunday is their cheat day.  Their exercises include walking their dog Milo, swimming and zumba.

Between the six of them they have lost almost 50kgs, that's almost a whole person!

There have been days where they've struggled and a few vegetables finding their way to Milo's food dish but thanks to the motivation and encouragement of the support staff at Crookston, the ladies achieved their goal.

Well done to everyone involved it's been a pleasure watching their journeys and enjoying the perks of looking and feeling healthier.