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A place to call home

Monica now has her own home.

"I want to have my own place,  Monica said".

As Monica watched her friends and relatives in the 20s move in to their own homes she wanted to be just like them. Coming from a big family and one of five sisters, Monica was continually surrounded by love and support. So when Julie her Disability Suport Worker, from St John of God Accord sat down with Monica and her family, they devised a plan together to ensure Monica's goals and aspirations would be realised.

So over a three year period Monica and Julie engaged in a series of programs to realise that dream.

Now Monica lives in her own home being continually supported by Julie, and is part of the Uniting Church, made up of a community centre and a Chapel, enjoying the comfort of knowing that her home is now and forever.

For more information about St John of God Accord, please contact:

Phone: 1300 00 2226