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Speech Pathology Week at St John of God Accord

Accord proudly supports Speech Pathology Week and our resident Speech Pathologists Kathryn Dufty and Di Butcher. We acknowledge a Speech Pathology Australia call for greater action to ensure greater communication accessibility for the 1.2 million Australians with a communication disability.

“Empowering people to communicate about the things that they want to in a way that works for them is paramount. Core to speech pathology’s values is that communication is more than a person’s spoken voice. It can also include the use of mime, sign, gesture or technology. ” Both Accord’s Speech Pathologists, Di Butcher and Kathryn Dufty explain.

By its very definition communication involves at least two people and people with communication difficulties often experience communication barriers to their full participation in community life. This may lead to social and emotional isolation.

“Every day is different, I can work with people who currently communicate only through their facial expressions and body language, people who use pictures or electronic devices to communicate or people who are currently working who need support to practice their social skills.”  Said Kathryn Dufty, Speech Pathologist.

Technology plays a vital role and assistive technology like electronic communication, speech generating devices, voice amplification and computer access aids allow people with communication difficulties to communicate with those around them.

“A lot of people don’t know that speech pathology can also support people with their ability to safely swallow food and fluids. As experts in the parts of the body that are used to speak we also have training in the muscles that are used to swallow and can work with medical professionals to ensure that our clients are able to swallow safely.”  Said Di Butcher, Speech Pathologist.

Building communication accessibility will ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. When we create communication accessible communities everyone gets the message.

For further information you can contact Di Butcher or Kathryn Dufty, Speech Pathologists at St John of God Accord on 1300 00 2226.

Speech Pathology Week 19-25 August.


Speech Pathologists Kathryn Dufty and Di Butcher
Kathryn Dufty and Di Butcher, St John of God Accords Speech Pathologists