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Alana and Andrew connect through Accord

Alana Paynter
Alana Paynter

As a child, Alana dreamed of playing tennis for Australia but volunteering as a mentor for students with disability as a teenager changed her future direction.

“I loved that experience. There is so much people with disability can offer if we choose to listen,” Alana said.

Alana now works as a team leader at St John of God Accord, assisting clients in accessing recreational and allied health services such as therapy funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

“I see my role as being a gateway to people gaining independence,” she said.

“Once, I visited a client at their home. I was able to see that they had trouble with door handles throughout the house due to their disability. I engaged an Occupational Therapist to assess the doorknobs and replacements were installed. This meant my client was able to access his backyard again.” Alana says.

Andrew Dacy
Andrew Dacy

Andrew’s connection to St John of God Accord dates back to his childhood when he first moved to shared accommodation in Greensborough which was run by the Brothers of St John of God for boys with learning difficulties. This accommodation, which included a school, was the early inception of St John of God Accord.

“This was a very spiritual time for me,” he said.

“I attended Bible studies and Mass regularly.”

Through St John of God Accord Andrew has transition from shared independent living to being able to live in his own unit, with support from St John of God Accord caregivers as well as taking part in several day and job programs.

St John of God Accord provides support throughout Melbourne for people with disabilities. We specialise in supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

Services include support coordinators, therapy services, wellbeing and lifestyle skills development, education and learning, accommodation and in home support, recreation and respite and employment services.