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St John of God Accord disability services update for families

Dear clients, families and carers,
The purpose of this communication is to update you with our response to Premier Daniel Andrews’s announcement to ease restrictions after the snap lockdown experienced by us all over the last five days.

I thought it would be helpful to summarise what the changes means for us all in Victoria, please note;

  1. The four reasons to stay home - falls away
  2. 5kms travel restriction - falls away
  3. Masks required at all times when you cannot socially distance
  4. Five visitors in the home (restriction in place until Friday week)
  5. Up to 20 people in public gatherings
  6. Visitors to hospitals and care facilities will returns to one per household
  7. Schools will recommence as of tomorrow (Thursday Feb 18)

What this means for St John of God Accord – Disability Services
We will commence aligning our services with the easing of restrictions following the Victorian announcement this morning by Premier Daniel Andrews. This will see our services and supports recommence from tomorrow where they were previously impacted from last Friday. On this direction our teams have commenced contacting you all our clients, families and carers to communicate and discuss these changes with you.

I understand that with these sudden changes, it is distressing and concerning for you, all our clients, families and carers. Our Executive Committee, have had the welfare of our clients and caregivers at the heart of all decisions made in managing our response to the restrictions.

Our COVID Safe Plan
I want to assure you that we have COVID safe plans in place across our sites and services. We also have developed QR code technology that will also be rolled out to safeguard screening and have stringent cleaning and hygiene measures in place. Here is an example that highlights our COVID Safe practice in action;
Screen forward before supports
Please expect pre-support screenings to continue and be our priority before support commences both for all our sites and services and when support comes to you. These steps ensure we are all safe together.

Our screening questions will ask the following and can I please ask that before your loved one attends an SJG Accord disability service that you have checked the following things.

Step 1 - Have you checked the DHHS website that lists all the current Public Exposure Sites

QR code to DHHS website

Step 2 - Screening questions

  1. Have you or anyone you live with visited any of the public exposure sites listed on the DHHS website or travelled from an Interstate or overseas area in the last 14 days?
  2. Have you or anyone you live with been tested for COVID-19, due to symptoms or been directed to get tested by DHHS and the results are not yet known?
  3. Have you worked in Hotel Quarantine or had contact with someone who works in the Hotel Quarantine program in the last 14 days?
  4. Do you or anyone living with you, have influenza like symptoms / fever / acute respiratory illness?
  5. Have you, or anyone you live with been considered a Close Contact to a COVID-19 Positive person in the last 14 days?
  • If anyone answers "Yes" to any of the above screening questions, you MUST immediately escalate this to your Director or CEO.
  • DO NOT allow the person to enter the site until you have discussed the persons response with a Director or the CEO.

If you answer yes to any of the following please do not send your loved one to service and ring 1 300 002 226 or the manager in charge where we will give you further instructions.

If you attend one of our group programs you will be called on a regular basis to ensure you have completed this screening. On arrival to our Community Campuses temperature checks will occur.

If you receive supports in the home or the community our caregivers will ring ahead of their shift and conduct the screening questions with you.

Thank you for your understanding in keeping everyone safe. You can contact me at if you have any questions or via our 1300 002 226 (Press 2).

Kind regards,

Lisa Evans
CEO, St John of God Accord