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Community Campuses update

Recently, we warmly greeted the news that Victoria is starting to look at reducing some of the COVID- 19 restrictions in place.

What this means for our group programs is a concentrated focus on designing how and when we can recommence our group programs at our Greensborough, Sydenham and Moreland Community Campuses.

At this stage we don’t have a definitive date as to when our group programs will resume to the level they were pre COVID 19 but we are starting to determine how we bring more and more people back to their groups.

The things we are working on at the moment are:

  • Ensuring our community campuses are well stocked with cleaning products including fixed and portable hand sanitisers and surface cleaners and developing protocols to ensure we sanitise areas well after use
  • Ensuring our staff are well informed and aware of how COVID 19 is transmitted and ensuring their practice is reflective of safe and recommended practice as determined by the health department
  • Determining which programs can be run safely and in compliance with current restrictions

How we are supporting our clients:

Some of our clients who were traditionally supported in group programs have been receiving 1:1 support and enjoying the individualised care. This type of  support is available to each of you and I encourage you to contact the Team Leader or Manager from your service area if you are interested or let them know when they call you to check how you are.

Some of our families have been reluctant to accept any sort of support preferring to wait until 'things go back to normal'. Whilst we all share the same desire this may take some time and we know some things will changes forever. COVID-19 has impacted our lives and our services in a way that is difficult to comprehend and understand at this point but not all of this is negative and there are some real opportunities for positive change and innovation ahead.

We do need to remain positive, move forward and resume our services within recommended guidelines.

What group day services may look like will evolve as we go, and in line with recommended restrictions at any point in time.

Resuming some level of support may help you and / or your family return to a routine of receiving support but this is entirely your choice. This may initially be on a 1:1 basis and then evolve to sharing supporting with 1 or 2 other clients as restrictions permit.

We endeavour to keep in contact with our clients, families and staff as we progress with our plans to resume group services and hope to be able to provide further details and dates in the near future.

 For additional information call 1300 002 226.